Total Sales

Pre-tax Profit

Interest Paid

Non-trading Income

Operating Profit

Depreciation:   Structures

Depreciation:   Plant and Equipment

Depreciation:   Miscellaneous Items

Total Depreciation

Trading Profit

Intangible Assets

Intermediate Assets

Fixed Assets: Structures

Fixed Assets: Plant and Equipment

Fixed Assets: Miscellaneous Items

Fixed Assets

Capital Expenditure on Structures

Capital Expenditure on Plant and Equipment

Capital Expenditure on Vehicles

Capital Expend. Data Processing Equipment

Capital Expenditure on Miscellaneous Items

Total Capital Expenditure

Retirements:  Structures

Retirements:  Plant and Equipment

Retirements:  Miscellaneous Items

Total Retirements

Total Fixed Assets

Finished Product Stocks

Work in Progress as Stocks

Materials as Stocks

Total Stocks / Inventory


Miscellaneous Current Assets

Total Current Assets

Total Assets


Short Term Loans

Miscellaneous Current Liabilities

Total Current Liabilities

Net Assets / Capital Employed

Shareholders Funds

Long Term Loans

Miscellaneous Long Term Liabilities


Hours Worked

Work in 1st Quarter

Work in 2nd Quarter

Work in 3rd Quarter

Work in 4th Quarter

Total Employees

Raw Materials Cost

Finished Materials Cost

Fuel Cost

Electricity Cost

Total Input Supplies/Materials/Energy Costs

Payroll Costs


Directors' Remunerations

Employee Benefits

Employee Commissions

Total Employees Remunerations

Sub Contractors

Rental & Leasing: Structures

Rental & Leasing: Plant and Equipment

Total Rental & Leasing Costs


Maintenance: Structures

Maintenance: Plant and Equipment

Total Maintenance Costs

Services Purchased

Communications Costs

Miscellaneous Expenses

Sales Variable & Commission Costs

Sales Expenses and Costs

Sales Materials Costs

Total Sales Costs

Distribution Fixed Costs

Distribution Variable Costs

Warehousing Fixed Costs

Warehousing Variable Costs

Physical Handling Fixed Costs

Physical Handling Variable Costs

Physical Process Fixed Costs

Physical Process Variable Costs

Total Distribution and Handling Costs

Mailing & Correspondence Costs

Media Advertising Costs

Advertising Materials & Print Costs

POS & Display Costs

Exhibition & Events Costs

Total Advertising Costs

Product Returns & Rejection Costs

Product Installation & Re-Installation Costs

Product Breakdown & Post Installation Costs

Product Systems & Configuration Costs

Product Service & Maintenance Costs

Customer Problem Solving & Complaint Costs

Total After-Sales Costs

Total Marketing Costs

New Technology Expenditure

New Production Technology Expenditure

Total Research and Development Expenditure

Total Operational & Process Costs

Debtors within Agreed Terms

Debtors Outside Agreed Terms

Un-recoverable Debts

Return on Capital %

Return on Assets %

Return on Shareholders' Funds %

Pre-tax Profit Margins %

Operating Profit Margin %

Trading Profit Margin %

Return on Investment %

Assets Utilization (Sales : Total Assets)

Sales as a ratio of Fixed Assets

Stock Turnover (Sales as a ratio of Stocks)

Credit Period (Days)

Creditors' Ratio (Creditors : Sales x 365 days)

Default Debtors Ratio of Total Debtors

Un-Recoverable Debts Ratio of Total Debts

Working Capital / Sales %

Materials & Energy Costs as a % of Sales

Added Value %

Investment as a Ratio of Added Value

Value of Plant & Equipment as a % of Sales

Vertical Integration (Value Added % of Sales)

Research & Development Investment % Sales

Capital Expenditure Investment as a % Sales

Marketing Costs as a % of Sales


Current Ratio (Current Assets : Liabilities)

Quick Ratio

Borrowing Ratio (or Total Debt ratio Net Worth)

Equity Ratio (Shareholders Funds : Total Liab.)

Income Gearing

Total Debt as a ratio of Working Capital

Debt Gearing Ratio (L. Term Loans : Net Worth)

Average Remuneration (employees - full & part)

Profit per Employee

Sales per Employee

Remunerations / Sales

Fixed Assets per Employee

Capital Employed per Employee

Total Assets per Employee

Value of Average Investment per Employee

Value Added per Employee

Materials Costs as a % of Sales

Wage Costs as a % of Sales

Payroll and Wages as a Ratio to Materials

Variable Costs as a % of Sales

Fixed Costs as a % of Sales

Fixed Costs as a Ratio of Variable Costs

Distribution Costs as a % of Sales

Warehousing Costs as a % of Sales

Physical Costs as a % of Sales

Fixed as a Ratio of Variable Distribution Costs

Fixed as a Ratio of Variable Warehousing Costs

Fixed as a Ratio of Variable Physical Costs

Fixed as Ratio of Variable Distribution Costs

Product Returns & Rejections Costs % of Sales

Product Installation Costs % Sales

Product Breakdown Costs % Sales

Product Systems Costs % of Sales

Product Service & Associated Costs % of Sales

Customer Complaint Costs % Sales

Stock Work in Progress Ratio Finished Products

Stock Materials as a Ratio of Work in Progress

Un-recoverable Debts as a Ratio of Total Debt

Un-recoverable Debts Ratio Within Agreed Terms

Total Sales Costs as a % of Sales

Total Distribution & Handling Costs % of Sales

Total Advertising Costs as a % of Sales

Total After-Sales Costs as a % of Sales

Total Customer Compensation Costs % of Sales

Total Variable Marketing Costs as a % of Sales

Total Fixed Marketing Costs as a % of Sales

Total Fixed Marketing : Variable Marketing Costs

Variable Sales Costs : Marketing Costs

Variable Distribution Costs : Marketing Costs

Variable Advertising Costs : Marketing Costs

Variable After-Sales Costs : Marketing Costs

Sales Personnel Variable Costs Ratio of Sales

Sales Personnel Variable Costs Ratio Debtors

Sales Variable Costs : Un-Recoverable Debtors

Exports as a % of Sales

$ Hourly Pay Rate

$ Hourly Wage Rate

Capital Employed