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Bespoke Databases


One can get exactly what is needed in a Customized Report by exactly specifying the product and market of interest.

Thus, for example, if a client wanted simply to know about:- "Wood finish, Sprung Bed Headboards" for a specific market segment, say, Consumers aged 21-35, of a C1 Social Group, Located in Bavaria, Paris, Madrid, Sardinia and Luton” - then it would be simple for the client to order a specific report with this specification, entitled:- Wood finish, Sprung Bed Headboards for Consumers aged 21-35, of a C1 Social Group, Located in Bavaria, Paris, Madrid, Sardinia and Luton.

Data would be extracted for that specification.

  1. Furniture Retailers: All Multiples

  2. Furniture Retailers: All Independents

  3. Furniture Retailers: Bedroom only

  4. Bedroom Furniture: Beds

  5. Bedroom Furniture: Storage

  6. Bedroom Furniture: Children + Nursery

  7. Furniture: All other Domestic Furniture

  8. Beds: Sprung

  9. Beds: Un-sprung

10. Mattresses: Sprung

11. Mattresses: Foam

12. Water Beds

13. All other Bedroom Furniture

14. Beds (Sprung): Headboard

15. Beds (Sprung): Frame

16. Beds (Sprung): Cabinets

17. Beds Headboards: Wood finish

18. Beds Headboards: Cloth covered

19. Beds Headboards: Metal & Wrought

20. End User Profile for:

   Beds (Sprung) Headboards: Wood finish

      By Age Groups

      By Social Group

      By Geographic Location / Region / City

21. ... et cetera ...

This part comes from the "Services" database called "RETAILERS: FURNITURE"

This data from the "FURNITURE" database or from the Major Industries "FURNITURE" database.

The "Beds" part comes from the "BEDS" database; whereas the "Beds: Sprung" data would come from 3 separate Product report databases on Beds: Metal, Beds: Wood and Beds: Other.

A more detailed breakdown would be obtained for the "Sprung" Beds.

A breakdown would then be accessed for "Headboards" by type of Headboard.

The "Beds (Sprung) Headboards: Wood finish" data is gathered from the above data.

This would then be accessed with reference to the End User or Consumer profile data.

The search can go deeper into the various databases and thus the ability to produce CUSTOMIZED REPORTS is limitless.

For Example:   Bespoke Report on:  FURNITURE RETAILERS + PRODUCTS   (with an emphasis on Bedrooms)

 Bespoke Databases which cover the world

All DataGroup report databases are real-time and dynamic; and thus we access the database and generate a separate report for each client order. Because of the databases structures, we can correlate several databases and generate a Bespoke or Customized database; this can cover any number of product groups or market sectors not covered in the Standard database.

If a client wanted data from a number of separate databases (plus other correlations) then this can be done and produced as one report. Thus the client saves money and gets a report on the exact products and markets of interest.

Clients can specify exactly what information they need and the DataGroup researchers will extract the precise data for the client.

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