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Service Team

When clients are involved in the establishment of a business, a corporate investment, or the acquisition of a company, they often need a concentrated effort to meet pressing deadlines and schedules. We can offer a dedicated team to quickly and effectively undertake the nuts and bolts of a project; and this will liberate the client's own management team to handle those urgent executive decisions which are essential to the success of any project. This is often necessary when clients are undertaking a project in another country where they may not have the personnel on the ground.


We can provide in-house seminars for existing clients. These seminars are produced and conducted by relevant experts on the topics required.  The seminars are tailored for the particular need of the client and can be produced for audiences at various corporate levels within the client company.

Resource Web Sites

Clients can order a Resource Web or Branded Dedicated Web Sites at no extra cost when purchasing a database product.  The client will get a Web Site (usually within 48 hours) to host databases and resources which the client’s management and staff can use for business information and corporate & market intelligence purposes. We will produce a Resource Web design solution for your business needs.

Resources for Businesses

Clients frequently require both information and physical resources to enable the efficient implementation of a business plan. We can offer an array of such resources, some of which are pre-packaged and available off-the-shelf, and others are specifically developed for individual clients.

Research Web Sites

Research web sites are designed to give your company the ability to test and evaluate new product positioning or strategies, new sales or marketing tactics, new market or product segmentation, new distribution channels or new customer bases. All these activities will help profitability by improving your ability to evaluate and refine your company's commercial offerings.

Online Access

Our databases and reports are usually supplied as a Zip file, HDD, DVD or Memory Stick and the data is generated at the time of the order; however as soon as the data is produced it will inevitable start to become out-of-date as new forecasts are generated based on subsequently defined forecasting factors. In many dynamic markets the static product may not be a sufficiently current database for corporate planning purposes. Sometimes one may need a real-time database with dynamic forecasting & modelling capabilities; thus we can provide Online Access with real-time up-dating of the database.


We can offer professional consultants with a range of disciplines and functional capabilities. Often a client may simply need to pick up the telephone and get expert advice, and we can offer this immediately and informally.

Sometimes a client may need the ongoing help of an expert, perhaps in some technological or scientific capacity, and we can supply consultants to fulfil such assignments.

Business Planning Services
We provide information, research products and software tools for Business Planning for company start-up and investment projects.

The Business Planning Resource DVDs give users market research specific to their proposed markets, a business plan generator, marketing and financial planning tools, company start-up methodology and, where necessary, the corporate research on competitors and potential investment or acquisition targets. In addition we offer a range of supporting services to assist clients to reach their goals.

Investors, entrepreneurs, and those interested in purchasing, establishing or running a business in local, national, or international markets will find the Business Planning Resource indispensable. In one cost effective package are comprehensive answers to your business research, corporate planning and management questions.

After-Sales Services

After-Sales Services refer to the packaged databases & reports and are designed to provide new or additional information, data manipulation and analyses. After-Sales Services allow clients access to raw data, related databases & complementary information.

Services & Resources

Services and Resources for clients

Availability & Delivery of Services

Additional Services & Resources are immediately delivered without any restrictions to Account Holders; and are available to other clients as part of the After-Sales Services.

Support Services

The swift and timely provision of support services to a client will often ensure that the project is brought in on time and on budget. We are experienced in the provision of client support services and we offer our clients a fast and reliable service as and when needed.


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