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The Consultants

Availability & Delivery of Services

Consultants are available immediately and without restriction to Account Holders as part of their normal service contract.

After-Sales Services

Subject to staff availability, these services are available to non Account Holders as part of our After-Sales Services.

Consultancy Projects

A Consultancy Service is available to existing clients. The consultant's service is provided in addition to, and after, the provision of a report or database contract. A client can request the services of a consultant at any time for a period of 12 months after the purchase of a report or database, however in some instances (where for example the original report is likely to be out-dated) the provision of the consultancy service is contingent on the up-dating of the original client database.

Consultants are supplied on a day rate basis, plus expenses. The consultant provided will depend on the product, market, industry or issue the client wishes to explore and will be expert in that particular field. It is essential that clients take care in specifying their needs to ensure that their objectives and expectations are fully met.

How to specify the project

The project objectives should be both specific and tangible and be designed to produce a known and quantifiable benefit for the client. DataGroup do not supply consultants for brain-storming or the massaging of the already held views of company management. Consultants are experienced and expert and will assist the client to achieve their goals.

It is important that clients specify exactly what objectives and goals are sought.

How it works...

On receipt of a client service request we will review the client’s specifications together with the existing databases the client has accessed, plus the background data we hold on the client company. We can then formulate a project plan and proposal and isolate one or more consultants whom might be qualified to undertake the work. We will then produce a consultancy proposal and cost for submission to the client.

Request for Consultants Service Quotation

Clients will find an online form on their product DVD or web site and this can be completed and submitted. We will then telephone you to discuss your requirements and objectives. As soon as possible thereafter we will submit a consultancy proposal and cost quotation.

The Consultants Service offers our clients a wide range of professional expertise, a range of disciplines and many functional capabilities.

Often a client may simply need to pick up the telephone and get expert advice, and we can offer this immediately and informally.

Sometimes a client may need the ongoing help of an expert, perhaps in some specific technological or scientific capacity, and we can supply consultants to fulfil such assignments; including:-