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Terms & Conditions


When clients buy a report they are ordering the generation of a database from which the client's final report is produced.

DataGroup will output the widest possible database so that the client will have the best possible opportunity to obtain all the information they will need - both in terms of the first report output and thereafter any subsequent After-Sales Service work.

The reports are produced by computer using entirely computerised databases and thus any report is usually a 'slice' or 'extract' of more than one database.   Obviously if the first output requires refining then it is a fairly easy process for clients to order as many re-runs of the database as they need.  This is done at a reduced cost as part of the normal After-Sales Service.

DataGroup reserve the right to output comparable data if the product or market specifications have changed or the market definitions have altered or the terminology used in the market-place has changed.

DataGroup will generate FREE OF CHARGE further database reports in the event of computer error; however no liability is accepted in respect of database, computer or process errors.

DataGroup reserve the right to change or amend the contents of reports and databases without prior notice.

All order are accepted strictly under the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.


Clients will not be identified to third parties as being buyers of DataGroup products and no information regarding clients are ever disclosed to third parties.  DataGroup do not publish a reference list of current clients.


Your dealer will obtain from DataGroup the databases necessary to output the report and these will be produced on the instructions of, and on behalf of, the Client.  Dealers are the agents of, and act solely on the instructions, and on behalf of, their client.  

No responsibility is accepted for the contents of databases or reports nor are any warranties made in respect of these products.  The products provided are entirely computer generated and no responsibility is accepted for errors, omissions  or computer malfunction.

These products are internal databases and documents solely for the use of the Clients and are supplied on the understanding that no data will be revealed or supplied, in any form, to third parties. Clients expressly undertake not in any and all respects to infringe the copyright(s) of DataGroup, The Data Institute, and the other Imprints and Publishers concerned.

 Terms & Conditions

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