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Data Compatibility & Harmonisation

Database Compatibility

Database Issues

The increased use of Database Management Systems, Business Planning and Control Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, Management Information Systems, and other tools amongst, management professionals has produced a critical need for the harmonisation of data across various software applications and systems platforms.

For this reason all the databases and reports provided by us use harmonised databases and data sets; thereby users can obtain any database from any of the publishers, for any of their brands, with the assurance that these databases are fully compatible and can be used in conjunction with one another and the various operating systems and software.

The DataGroup Stiftung has, since 2007, undertaken the harmonisation and convergence of the database specifications and definitions of the various database providers shown on this site. This was to allow users a uniform and standardised reference to use with their commercial and corporate planning and forecasting; and to allow cross-database functionality.

The data sets, modules and standards shown on this site are now fully harmonised and standardised to allow data and software interflow and cross-platform usage of the databases.  Users may obtain older data dictionaries and standards, and/or data sets and data dictionaries for their own national standards. The standard product and market definitions have been harmonised and are provided (in the standard database products supplied) as the NAICS classifications. Users wishing to remain with the previous SIC classifications may obtain these databases under that classification system. Users requiring other (European, Japanese, et cetera) classification definitions and norms may obtain those as necessary. Accounting standards are also harmonised according to the U.S. regulatory norms; however other norms are available. Data dictionary and data definition bridges and converters are available to allow users to update or standardise their databases. The DataGroup Stiftung has undertaken to maintain support for the older data dictionary standards and definitions for the next 7 years, however users are urged to update at their earliest convenience.

Some Compatible Software products (See the Database Support site for a full list)

Project Management Software: 24SevenOffice, Assembla, AtTask, Basecamp, Central Desktop, Cerebro, Clarizen, codeBeamer, Collabtive, Concerto, Contactizer,, dotProject, Easy Projects .NET, eGroupWare, FastTrack Schedule, Feng Office Community Edition, FogBugz, GanttProject, Gemini, Genius Inside, Glasscubes, Huddle, Hyperoffice, InLoox, JIRA, Journyx, Kayako, KForge, KPlato, Launchpad, LiquidPlanner, LisaProject, MacProject, MantisBT, MatchWare MindView 3 Business, Merlin, MicroPlanner X-Pert, Microsoft Office Project Server, Microsoft Project, Mingle, O3spaces, OmniPlan, Open Workbench, OpenProj, Oracle Project Portfolio Management, Planisware 5, Planner Suite, Pmplus+, Primavera Project Planner, Project KickStart,, Project-Open, Projectplace, ProjectSpaces, Projektron BCS, PSNext, QdPM, QuickBase, Redmine, Rachota, SAP RPM, Smartsheet, TaskJuggler, Teamcenter, Teamwork, Tenrox, Trac, TrackerSuite.Net, Ubidesk, VPMi, WorkLenz, WorkPLAN Enterprise,, WebSPOC, Wrike, Zoho Projects

ERP Packages:   Adempiere, BlueErp, Compiere, Dolibarr, Fedena, GNU Enterprise, JFire, Kuali Foundation, LedgerSMB, OFBiz, Openbravo, OpenERP, Opentaps, Postbooks, SQL-Ledger, Tryton, WebERP, 1C:Enterprise, 24SevenOffice Start / Premium / Professional, abas ERP, Accpac, Agresso Business World, AMS Advantage, BatchMaster ERP, Bowen & Groves, CGram Enterprise, Clear Enterprise, Comarch Altum, Compass ERP, Compiere, Comprehensive Patient Administrator, COA Solutions Ltd - Smart Business Suite, Consona Corporation – Intuitive / Made2manage / AXIS / Cimnet / Encompix / DTR, Epicor Enterprise, Global Shop Solutions One-System ERP Solutions, HansaWorld, ERP Adage (Adage), ERP LN (Baan), ERP LX (BPCS) ,ERP SL (SyteLine), ERP Swan (Swan), ERP SX.Enterprise (SX.Enterprise), ERP VE (Visual Enterprise), ERP XA (MAPICS), IFS Applications, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne & JD Edwards World,, kVASy4, Kingdee, Lawson M3 / Movex, Lawson S3, Log-net, Maximo (MRO), Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Momentum, MyWorkPLAN, NetSuite, Openda QX, OpenMFG, Oracle e-Business Suite, Paradigm, PeopleSoft, Plex Online, QAD Enterprise Applications, Ramco Enterprise Series 4.x, Ramco e.Applications, Ramco On Demand ERP, MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500, Technology One, SAGE ACCPPAC, SAGE Pro ERP, SAGE ERP X3, SAP Business Suite, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business One, SAP Business All-in-One, TaskHub, SYSPRO, SYS-APPS, mySAP,, WorkPLAN Enterprise

Enterprise Feedback Management Systems: SynGro, Perseus (Vovici), Clicktools, DatStat, Inquisite, SPSS, FIRM (Confirmit), NetReflector, Allegiance, Enetrix, Satmetrix, RightNow Technologies, Mindshare Technologies, Data Illusion, KeySurvey (WorldAPP), Kinetic Data, CustomerSat (MarketTools), Medallia, Interview SA, Surveynomics, Invoke Solutions, Qualtrics, Fizzback, Grimmersoft, QuestManager, QuestBack, Globalpark, DataCycles, Dub Studios, eLustro, Kinesis Survey Technologies, Knowledge Wave, myK (myKnowledge),, QuickSearch, Ransys, ResponseTek Networks Corp., TalkFreely, XTCO, Zarca Interactive


Database Compatibility Solution

Our databases are compatible with the major commercial databases as well as government databases:-






There are currently 5 Toolkits available, and these can be downloaded if required.

Please request a download link and the Username and Password from the After-Sales Service.

Toolkit 1   4.3GB

 1. Data Manuals on the Report Contents

 2. Document Templates on the Report Contents

 3. Help files on the Report Contents

 4. Manuals Templates on the Report Contents

 5. Microsoft Utilities

 6. OpenOffice Installation programme

 7. Business Plan Images

 8. Reference files

 9. US Census Data Tools

Because all our database are directly compatible with U.S. Government databases (especially the Department of Commerce, US census, NIST, Treasury, et al) it is sometimes useful for users to use US Government data handling tools to manage not only US Government data, but also the data provided by us. Alternatively, if you are already using this US Government software you can simply access our databases with the same software. In generate our databases use the same database parameters, structures and field names as those found in US Government databases, and thus uses can correlate and query databases without undue difficulty.

10. Utilities & Tools

Toolkit 2   4.4GB

 1. Database Utilities

 2. Enterprise Resource Planning

 3. Integrated Development Environment

If you intend to implement our databases online (internet or intranet) then an Integrated Development Environment is often the easiest route to data dissemination and data manipulation.

Toolkit 3   2.1GB

There are about 40 Statistical packages provided in this Toolkit.

These are Open-Source packages which are generally free to use. The following packages are available:-

acslX, ADaMSoft, ADMB, AMPL, Analyse-it, Analytica, Angoss, APMonitor, ASReml, Automlab, Baudline, Bayesian Filtering Library, BMDP, BV4.1, CalEst, Ch, Chronux, COMSOL Script, CSPro, DADiSP, DAP, Data Applied, Dataplot, Demetra+, EJS, ELKI, Epi Info, Euler Mathematical Toolbox, EViews, FAME, FEniCS Project, Fityk, FlexPro, GAUSS, Genedata Analyst, GenStat, GeoDA, GLIM, GNU Data Language, GraphPad InStat, GraphPad Prism, gretl, Hermes, IBM SPSS Modeler, IBM SPSS Statistics, IDAMS/WinIDAMS, IDL, IGOR Pro, IMSL Numerical Libraries, Izenda, JAGS, JHepWork, JMP, JMulTi, Julia, KPP, LabPlot, LISREL, Macsyma, Madagascar, MadArtSoft, Madeline, Maple, Mathcad, Mathemagix,, Mathematica, MATLAB, MCSim, MedCalc, Minitab, MINUIT, MLwiN, Mondrian, NCAR Command Language, NCSS, NMath Stats, numberGo Publisher, NumXL, Octave, O-Matrix, OpenBUGS, OpenEpi, OpenMx, OptimJ, Orange, Origin, OriginPro, PARI/GP, Partek, PAW, Perl Data Language, Ploticus, Primer-E Primer, PSPP, PV-WAVE, Q research software, QtiPlot, Quantum, R, R Commander, R Rattle GUI, RapidMiner, RATS, Revolution Analytics, ROOT, Sage, SALOME, Salstat, SAS, scikit-learn, Scilab, SciPy, SHAZAM, Shogun, SigmaStat, SigmaXL, Simfit, Simul, SOCR, SOFA Statistics, SPC XL, Speakeasy, S-PLUS, SPSS, Stata, Statgraphics, STATISTICA, Statistical Lab, Stat-JR, Stats Helper, StatXact, SUDAAN, Systat, The Unscrambler, Trilinos, Unistat, VisSim, Waffles, Weka, WinBUGS, Winpepi, X-12-ARIMA, XLfit, Xlisp-stat, XploRe, Yorick.

Toolkit 4   2.6GB

Microsoft Server 2003 utilities and resources.

These are for clients implementing databases on Microsoft Server 2003 systems.

Toolkit 5   4.1GB

Microsoft Server 2008 utilities and resources.

These are for clients implementing databases on Microsoft Server 2008 systems.

Microsoft Server 2012 migration utilities are also provided in this Toolkit.