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Online Services

Online Services

Availability & Delivery of Seminars

Online Services are available immediately, without restriction, and with no additional cost, to Account Holders as part of their normal service contract.

Online Services

Subject to availability, these online services are available to non Account Holders as part of our After-Sales Services.

Online Access

Our products are almost always sold as an online download plus DVD, and that data is generated at the time of the order; however as soon as the data is produced it will inevitable start to become out-of-date as new forecasts are generated based on subsequently defined forecasting factors. In many dynamic markets this static product may not be a sufficiently current database for corporate planning purposes. Sometimes one may need a real-time database with dynamic forecasting and modelling capabilities.

We can provide Online Access if a client requires real-time up-dating of the database.

How does it work?

How does one specify the database needed?

How often can one re-run the database?

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