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Comprehensive Process & Production Research

The data on Process and Production covers not only manufacturing industries, but all entities which use physical or logistic processes to fulfil their business objectives.

These processes will include all the physical and operational activities of the organisation.

Process Research Areas Research Coverage

1,000,000+  Company Process Analyses
46,000+  Product Processes

21,000+  Products

18,000+ Services

15,000+ Input Materials & Services
2,400+  Logistic Processes

1,000+ IT Systems and Processes
470+  Process & Production Methods

500+ Investment & Financial Processes
1,000,000+  Process Papers

1,000,000+  Reference Works

Process economic models

    Process function

    Process constraints

    Process, costs, and pricing

    Theoretical models



    Cost accounting

    Experience curve effects

    Operations research

    Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

    Productivity Models

    Scheduling and queuing theory

    Throughput accounting

    Time and motion study

Process engineering

    Industrial, manufacturing, service engineering

    Reverse engineering

    Value engineering

Process technology

    Advanced Planning & Scheduling

    Computer Integrated Manufacturing

    Computer numerically controlled

    Computer-aided manufacturing

    Computerized Maintenance Management CMMS

    Distributed Control System

    Equipment control

    Fieldbus control system

    Industrial robotics

    Packaging and labelling

    PLCs /  PLD

    SCADA supervisory control & data acquisition

    Scheduling (processes)

Product design for Process effectiveness

    Computer-aided design

    New product development

    Rapid prototyping

    Research and development

    Toolkits for user innovation


    Procurement and purchasing logistics

    Supply chain logistics

    Supply chain management


      Inventory management

      Just In Time

      Reorder point

    Delivery Chain & Channels

Lot size and run length

    Dynamic Lot Size Model

    Economic Batch Quantity

    Economic Lot Scheduling Problem

    Economic Order Quantity

    Economic Process Quantity

Machinery & Equipment

    Assembly line

    Production line




    Information Technology

    Client Handling

Equipment & Systems set-up


    Sequence-dependent setup

    Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)

Process Systems


    Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)


    Customised Production System


    Job production

    Just In Time



    Mass customisation

    Mass production


Quality management system processes


    Corrective Action

    Identification, labelling and control

    Internal Audit

    ISO 9001

    Measurement of product/ service/ process

    Measurement Systems Analysis


    Order Processing

    Preventive Action

    Production Planning


    Statistical Process Control

    Supplier Control

Process improvement

· Systems analysis

    Process modelling

    Process optimisation

· Quality

    Quality control

    Six Sigma

    Total Quality Management

· Certification Processes

    ISO 9000

Process Technology Planning

· Process planning

    Ergonomic simulation & assessment of tasks

    Process layout planning and analysis

     - work flow simulation.

     - walk-path assembly planning

     - plant design optimisation

    Process concept planning

    Mixed model line balancing.

    Process simulation tools

    Resource planning

    Workloads on multiple stations.

· Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)

    Direct Numerical Control (DNC)

    Numerical control CNC

    Tooling & Robot work-cell setup & offline program (OLP)

    Tooling/ equipment/ fixtures development

· Generation of shop floor work instructions

· Time and cost estimates

    ABC - Manufacturing activity-based costing

    Process, costs, and pricing

· Quality Computer-aided quality assurance (CAQ)

    Computer aided inspection / coordinate-measuring (CMM)

    FMEA Failure mode and effects analysis

    SPC Statistical process control

    Tolerance stack-up analysis - PMI models.

· Success Measurements

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE),

· Communication

    Distributed control system (DCS)

    Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

    Human-machine interface HMI or MMI

    Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

    Product Data Management (PDM)

    SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition)

Process management

Down Stream

End User




Resource allocation


    Accurate delivery date quotes

    Increased production efficiency

    Inventory reduction or levelling

    Labour load levelling

    Process change-over reduction

    Real time information

    Reduced scheduling effort

Scheduling Algorithms

    Stochastic Algorithms

        Economic Lot Scheduling Problem

        Economic Production Quantity

    Heuristic Algorithms

        Modified due date scheduling heuristic

        Shifting bottleneck heuristic

Batch Production Scheduling

    Algorithmic Methods

    Batch Environments

    Cycle-Time Analysis


Process Scheduling

Process Flow Productivity

Comprehensive Process  & Production Research