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Ancillary Services

After-Sales Service Ancillary Services

DataGroup are able to offer clients a number of extremely efficient and cost-effective systems to improve marketing, sales productivity and overall company profitability. DataGroup can offer clients these Ancillary Services at a very reasonable cost.

Ancillary Services


ADVERTISING SYSTEMS:  Dynamic Budgeting System; Market Saturation; Sales Response; Advertising Efficiency; Media Selection; Application of Dynamic Modelling.

SELLING SYSTEMS:  Allocation of Selling Resources; Buying Power Indices; Quality Indices; Index of Sales Activity.

PERSONAL SELLING:  Salesforce Size; Territories: Political -v- Geometric territorial subdivision; Ranking of Prospects; Established -v- Potential Customers; Salesforce Back-up Systems.

CUSTOMER CONTROL SYSTEMS:  Customer Identification and Control; Customer Credit Control; Customer Back-up Systems.

DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL SYSTEMS:  Distribution Channel Identification and Control Systems; Distribution Channel Information Systems; Distribution Channel Support and Back-up Systems.


A Direct Mail, Email, Text, or Social Media system is available through which you can contact millions and millions of companies or individuals. The database contains decision makers' names, titles and specific areas of interest, and these can be used to generate highly targeted promotional messages.

You can use the such systems to reach any number of companies or individuals who are relevant to your business interests. This enables your direct mail campaigns to be fast, efficient and guaranteed to reach the people that count with the message that counts. By using our facilities you can establish regular contact with companies and individuals in Europe, the U.S.A. the Americas, the Far East, Africa, the Middle East and many other markets. The quality, professionalism and presentation of these mechanisms will impress your clients and will undoubtedly generate a significant amount of additional business. Further this activity is fully automated and there are substantial cost savings which enable the use of budgets more effectively.


All organizations need a quick and efficient Public Relations system which can be used at various levels within an organization, be it to announce New Products, Newly won contracts, New Management, Forthcoming Events, Financial results; to advertise Trade Literature, Catalogues; to simply provide News, Reviews, Articles, et cetera.

P.R. is always urgent, critical and essential to any organization. This package contains a comprehensive guide to the Press, Media and Public Relations aspects of promoting products and services in all the countries covered.

Press and Media lists: Access to a Press and Media list covering all the P.R. targets for each country. Details given include: Name of the responsible Editor, Full Address, Email, Telephone and Fax numbers, Areas of interest, et cetera.

Multinational and Multi-lingual Automated P.R. Systems: Multinational and Multi-lingual P.R. System which word processors or computer systems can implement and run.

In-House P.R. Systems: Details of a P.R. System which users can quickly and effectively implement and use.

A Comprehensive P.R. Guide: A comprehensive P.R. guide to enable users to produce their own P.R. Efficiently and at a moderate cost.