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Resource Webs

Resource Webs and Dedicated Web Sites

Clients can order a Resource Web or Branded Dedicated Web Sites at no extra cost when purchasing a database product.  The Web Site are usually generated within 48 hours, and are intended to host several databases which are meant as Resource Webs which the client’s management and staff can use for business information and corporate & market intelligence purposes.

Essential Business Information for your company, your colleagues and your profits

Resource Webs give market & corporate intelligence, new information capabilities & opportunities to increase profitability by improving business systems and knowledge through the use of a specialist, content rich, web site.

Resource Webs

Bespoke information web sites can be effectively used:-

Resource webs are always content rich and provide your clients, distribution channels and staff with a wealth of essential and useful information together with tools & utilities which will assist them in realizing their business goals. Sites are always  under-construction  as they are extended & upgraded on a regular basis.

Some of the web sites we produce for clients are intended for the use of their staff, or for particular professional or special interest groups. These sites are therefore accessible only with a password.

The site below was produced for Rio Tinto Alcan for the use of their staff and clients.

Sites can contain both information intended for public consumption, plus restricted areas which contain password protected areas intended for the staff and the professional advisors of the company.

The site below was produced for ENI, the European petrochemical group, and contains both public and restricted areas.

Resource webs can be used for particular markets, or to encourage the distribution channels or resellers to look at particular market opportunities. The sites can also be used to allow clients, and potential client, keep up to date with developments, regulations and legislation specific to their operations.

Where the client has not purchased a database the starting cost for a dedicated Resource Web, with the appropriate content, library, reference archive, et al, is $1950.  Clients can set a monthly budget for a regular increase in the site content and updating the information on the site.