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Image Surveys

After-Sales Service Image Surveys

DataGroup can offer clients Image & Customer Attitude Surveys at a very reasonable cost. We hold survey data on most major companies and for others we can quickly and competitively undertake surveys.

Companies with image or customer attitude problems can greatly benefit from knowing what their customers think about them and how customers
want products or services improved.

Image Surveys

Even successful companies should regularly monitor the perceptions and needs of their customer base. Such surveys frequently give advance warning of problems in terms of changes in their customers' product or service needs; changes in the competitive situation as new products and competitors enter or leave the market; developments in technology and the evolution of the technical requirements of customers; et cetera.

Customer Surveys are an extremely effective way to independently monitor the effectiveness of your advertising or P.R. agency; the results of advertising and sales promotion activity and the effectiveness of your sales force or distribution network.

In competitive markets Image and Customer Surveys on your competitors are essential as these surveys can isolate and identify problem areas for your competitors and thereby identify opportunities for your company.

DataGroup can provide Image surveys on one's own company or on competitors in a matter of days, and at a very competitive cost.