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DataGroup was formed in 1974 by a group of management consultants and information technology specialists whom had previous worked with, amongst other organisations, the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bank of America, Chase Econometrics, The Marketing Strategies Institute, the OECD in Paris, and MITI in Tokyo. DataGroup was established in order to develop a systemised, computerised, and uniform methodology to facilitate real world forecasting models for macro-economic, micro-economic, market, product, and industry purposes.

During the first 20 years of this organisation it consisted of a number of associated private and public companies (in various countries) which pooled its software development, original research, and databases; and each group company then drew data and software from the common resource. These DataGroup companies offered products to their own distributors on various national terms and conditions. In 1993 the various DataGroup companies were reorganised into a single Foundation which deals, on an exclusive basis, with a limited number of end user clients and product distributors. The distributors tend to restrict the products offered to certain major client groups and end users in certain countries. Many end user clients have agreements which provide information on an exclusive basis; and which, for example, will not permit the information to be provided to their client’s competitors. In addition DataGroup supply data to certain government agencies, in certain countries, on an exclusive basis which preclude the supply of the same data to any other parties. From time to time these exclusive arrangements expire and the data is then available more widely; until of course a distributor concludes another exclusive agreement with a particular client.

The Data Institute was formed in 1979 by a group of French and Swiss banks to produce corporate and market intelligence. In 1997 The Data Institute companies and operations were vested into a Foundation.

In 2001 DataGroup and The Data Institute pooled their databases and resources, and in 2007 these organisations started the task of the harmonisation of their database and resources.

DataGroup Market Reports and Databases

Since 1974 DataGroup have been the world's N°1 source of market research by offering the largest number of databases and publications for management in commence & industry and planners in government.

In 1978 DataGroup started work on simply the best Market Research in the world and it was the beginning of a ongoing project costing many million of dollars in programme code alone. The project occupied three mainframe computer systems and by 1980 the result was an unrivalled industrial and commercial database which is the most sophisticated and the largest held on computer by any publisher, or indeed any organization or government, in the world.

DataGroup reports and databases have a reputation for very high quality, accuracy, and reliability and are unsurpassed in contents scope and overall service.

Market Reports originally covered 9 regions of the world, Canada & USA, Central America, South America,

Europe, Eurasia, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania; and has since been extended to cover a total of 208 countries and over 300,000 towns and cities.

DataGroup Corporate Reports and Databases

For over 45 years DataGroup and their associated companies have been collecting information on Companies and their Staff, their Products and Markets, their Suppliers and Materials Consumed, their Bankers and Financiers, their Customers and Clients, their Competitors and Industry sectors.

The collection of data from all available sources has made DataGroup by far the largest repository of commercial information in the world. DataGroup databases are more extensive than any other commercial or government held databases.

In 1979 DataGroup produced the world's first entirely computer generated Corporate Intelligence report and its scope and contents was instantly acknowledged as being a vital and unparalleled tool for all managers interested in the appraisal of a target company - be that their own company, an acquisition target or a competitor.

Between 1979 and 1987 DataGroup supplied these reports only to established clients. The main reason being that the DataGroup computers were fully utilized in supplying the demand from existing clients and there was insufficient capacity to enable the reports to be supplied more widely. In 1987, because substantial new computer hardware came on-stream, DataGroup was able to offer the databases and reports on a general basis. Between January 1987 and December 1993 DataGroup distributors had supplied more than 30,000 Corporate Intelligence Reports to their clients. The reports were quickly recognized as being the most important development in corporate planning for very many years. Since 1993 the distribution of DataGroup reports has been strictly controlled and these databases are no longer available generally. These documents and their associated databases are supplied via distributors to their own approved client base.

DataGroup Reports and Databases are unique and there is no other comparable product available.

The DataGroup Corporate Reports are the most extensive available from any source in the world. The reports are designed to give readers a highly detailed insight into the target company by providing a comprehensive range of data, beginning with historic financial results through to a series of long-term forecasts on the company's future performance. The report includes data on the Company markets, performance, competitive position, and full results from surveys of Company customer base, suppliers and other contacts.

A DataGroup Corporate Report can probably tell you more about a Company, its Markets and Customers, its Suppliers and Industry Sector, than can its Chairman or indeed the whole Board of Directors.

Whatever your interest in a target Companies, whether as competitor or analyst, shareholder or investor, customer or client, you will not find a more comprehensive, authoritative and compelling report.

This DataGroup report is designed to provide a complete tactical and strategic appraisal of target Companies, together with all necessary background market research and business planning.

The format and content of the reports are similar to that produced by many major strategic Management Consultants - the only difference being that when one commissions a management consultancy firm to undertake such a study, the cost is usually $50,000-$200,000 whereas DataGroup reports are available for only a fraction of that cost.

The reason for the vast difference in cost is due to the fact that these reports are produced entirely by computer, whereas a normal management consultant's report would have been manually produced and thus the labour content (which is the major cost factor) is greater. In addition none of the management consultancy firms have access to the very large databases held by DataGroup and they therefore have to purchase or research the base data needed for their reports.

As DataGroup reports are produced by computer the analysis contained in these reports is uniform and accurate and the objectivity of the conclusions is greater than that of a manually produced study where one has to rely on individual consultants, their (frequently subjective) opinions, and their individual abilities.

For these reasons we believe that DataGroup reports are a more reliable, accurate and effective product than is the usual management consultant's report.

Clearly, clients may find problems with interpretation of the data or analysis and therefore DataGroup provide, via the distributors, an After-Sales Service whereby clients can obtain additional data and if required, can hold a Seminar (at the Client's offices) on the reports. Furthermore, an unlimited client hotline is available whereby clients can consult with company, market, and industry specialists.

The Data Institute Databases and Publications

The Data Institute databases and publications are restricted and are not commercially available.

DataGroup - Data Institute database availability

As of January 2020, DataGroup and The Data Institute have restricted access to all major databases and big data products to foundation members and stakeholders.  Less than 5% of the DataGroup and Data Institute entry level databases and products are available to commercial account or retail clients. The public presence of DataGroup and The Data Institute is only via certain third party distributors.

DataGroup and Data Institute public Internet presence shows only limited entry level databases and products, and there is no public Internet visibility to online connections used by foundation members and stakeholders.

Foundation membership is only available by invitation, and with the agreement of existing foundation members and stakeholders.

 DataGroup - Data Institute

The foremost Database Holders in the world

DataGroup and The Data Institute have for many years been the foremost commercial database holders in the world. The data held far exceeds the databases of any other organisation.

The DataGroup - Data Institute Publishers and Brands

The DataGroup - Data Institute Distributors & Dealers

None of the above Data Group - Data Institute publishers trade on a retail basis.  Most of these products are restricted to their Account Holders. Where products are available on a retail basis these are distributed via selected dealers.